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  1. xragunax Apr 07, 2011

    Hi to all malaysian!

  2. kokuyu Aug 24, 2010

    *yawns like a lion* :P

  3. royaldarkness Jun 23, 2010

    I know Negaraku isn't as active as before, but I've just approved the new members =) Welcome to the group!

  4. farhana Dec 17, 2009

    Anyone planning to go to Comic Fiesta?

  5. DeAnge1us Dec 15, 2009

    I thought I won't be invited until like a year or two passes by , considering how 'quiet' it is .....

    Now I'm in here , hi to all fellow Malaysians ^^

  6. royaldarkness Dec 15, 2009

    omg it's been a really long while @_@

  7. Deathent Oct 20, 2009

    replying for post 12 weeks ago..

    ... i went to DaiCon.. not as grand as i aspect it to be.. let see..
    some of my taught & experience in last DaiCon is..
    - i taught the lighting is good..
    - i befriend some of the artist that sell their stuff there.. they're pretty nice to chat with..
    - not much stall there.. take less than an hour to finish looking around..
    - they got some games.. nice.. but too noisy & i cant hear the stage properly..
    - the lady person at the figurine display place is quite rude.. me & my fren gets pretty annoyed at em a bit too..
    - the maid cafe's sure is nice.. but the line is too long..
    - the food stall area.. i dono wat to say.. not much food stall.. i onli eat the pizza for lunch both days..
    - i like the drinks they sell.. (been a while since last i got those kinda drinks) :p
    - cheapest minorin concert ticket cost roughly Rm50.. cant buy it.. T_T near end of month so my pocket really tight.. T_T

    overall.. i think its pretty.. boring.. (sorry to say it.. but its the truth..)

    well.. anyway.. hope u guys still alive & all.. doing well..
    my pc broke down several month ago & i jz got it repaired last weekend..
    dats y im kinda "disappear" for a while.. & 2day too.. i jz droppin' by to say hello.. :)

    merged: 11-26-2009 ~ 11:02pm
    anyway.. anyone going to CF at Sunway next month..?

  8. blazinstreaks Oct 08, 2009

    About time for a layout change.

  9. jasmint285 Sep 30, 2009

    I'm temporarily back in the roleplay scene and came to check things up here...
    8 weeks ago eh? XD
    I've started uni now so I've been busy...
    sorry for the absence guys...

  10. kokuyu Aug 04, 2009

    Quote by blazinstreaksAlmost a ghost town here.

    So, who went to DaiCon?

    me :) though a little disappointing

    i've already start job, which means i'll continue to make this town haunted XD X-P

  11. blazinstreaks Jul 30, 2009

    Almost a ghost town here.

    So, who went to DaiCon?

  12. terryLove88 Jul 01, 2009

    hi..ehm..i want to know if anyone here for sabah?

  13. blazinstreaks May 27, 2009

    Quote by Deathentill be going to DaiCon.. wif some fren from the other forum i joined.. =3
    since they like.. asking me to go wif em since last month, & i need the breather, so..
    cya guys there.. ;)

    Hope to meet u there :)

  14. Deathent May 26, 2009

    ill be going to DaiCon.. wif some fren from the other forum i joined.. =3
    since they like.. asking me to go wif em since last month, & i need the breather, so..
    cya guys there.. ;)


    almost 4got.. i gotta go since chihara minori-chan will be there too.. XD
    i wana c her since she the seiyuu of my fav Nagato Yuki-chan.. =3

  15. kokuyu May 04, 2009

    no problem for that! i'm in full anticipation to go there! XD

    anyways, i'm from limkokwing cyberjaya, so that explains my excitement :D

  16. blazinstreaks May 03, 2009

    Quote by royaldarknessOmg. Haven't been here for ages! @_@

    Same here. Haha.

    We really need some excitement in this group.
    So, here an incoming ACG event:

    DaiCon - hosted by EMiNA of MMU Cyberjaya.

    PS: We have invited Chihara Minori,
    famous actress and seiyuu from Japan.

  17. royaldarkness Apr 26, 2009

    Omg. Haven't been here for ages! @_@

  18. chibimisao Apr 15, 2009

    Hey can you guys add in the Monash anime club into the college/universities anime club list up there?
    Here's the link: MAOU

    Please and thank you~~~

  19. Darkn3ssPhantom Apr 08, 2009

    Halor...this is the 1st time commenting here~hehe
    i have a question here...anyone of u r from kota samarahan?

  20. kokuyu Apr 06, 2009

    Quote by jasmint285This place is so quiet...
    *wind blows dead leaves off the ground*

    seems like Jasmint loves blowing the leaves.... X-P

    sapu...sapu...sapu.... XD

    not the first time though, she had once done it ages ago:

    Quote by jasmint285this place feels so dead...
    *winds blows dry leaves off the floor*
    *nothing else moves*

    ( look at post#17)

    and now re-creating the scene XD

  21. jasmint285 Apr 04, 2009

    This place is so quiet...
    *wind blows dead leaves off the ground*

  22. Deathent Mar 31, 2009

    am i jz imagining it.. or.. did we only have 1 post every 2 weeks these past month..?

    @ Elena
    welcome abroad to the group.. & also.. welcome to Malaysia..:)
    mind telling us which country ur come from.. (before coming here..)
    btw.. most of us actually, currently, stay around KL also, not "too far" from Cyberjaya, in any case u wana meet us.. XD
    anyway.. hope you enjoy your stay here.. :)

  23. Toya999 Mar 15, 2009

    Hello everyone ^__^
    I'm a new member in Negaraku and new to Malaysia too :)
    My name is Elena, and currently staying in Cyberjaya, and studying in Limkokwing University of Creative Technology.
    I'm not sure how I'm supposed to introduce myself here XD so i'll keep it very short X-P
    Thank You ^___^

  24. kokuyu Mar 13, 2009

    YAY! XD the last post here was 2 weeks old X-P

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